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Mission: To bake delicious, nourishing bread upon which people can thrive.   To connect people; farmers, growers, millers, bakers, eaters.

I bake using organic flour & grain, grown and milled in Scotland, because in our small country we have wonderful soils that can grow the food we need, in harmony with nature.  I use a lot of heritage flours from Scotland The Bread, because of the flavour, the superior nutrition they bring us, and the vision of living in a place that grows food sustainably, to sustain us all.  I also use organic flour from Mungoswells, in East Lothian.

I bake using the sourdough process; using only flour, water and salt, and the community of micro-organisms (yeasts & lactobacilli) that naturally, slowly ferment this flour.  For me, sourdough is the timeless original way bread was made, I like the pure simplicity of it, not to mention the flavour, nutritional and keeping qualities of the loaves it produces.  Importantly, many people find Real Sourdough Bread (as defined by the Real Bread Campaign, made with only 3 ingredients, flour, water, salt), easier to digest.   Andrew Whitely, who has been championing Real Bread for us all for many years, writes more about the benefits of Real Sourdough here.  

I talk about 'Real Sourdough' because unfortunately it isn't a legal definition so sadly many loaves are being marketed as sourdough that don't meet this basic criteria; they may include any number of additives and yeast (which is not a bad thing in itself), but means they crucially won't have been fermented for long enough for any of the benefits of sourdough to occur. The Real Bread Campaign is working to correct this, to support both bakers and consumers.

If you want to be sure the bread you are buying is Real Bread or Real Sourdough Bread, look for The Loaf Mark, your at-a-glance assurance scheme from baker to buyer.