Balcaskie Sourdough

1kg tin £5.45, 600g tin £4.80

This 90% wholemeal loaf is made mostly with wholemeal Balcaskie Landrace wheat flour, a heritage landrace wheat from Scotland The Bread, grown and milled in Fife. The wheats in this mixture were varieties grown in Scotland 200 years ago, before the most recent ‘yield-only’ crop selection took place. This is a flavourful loaf that won Gold for ‘a loaf baked for nutritional qualities’ at this year’s Scottish Bread Championship. The remainder of the flour is organic wheat flour from Mungoswells in East Lothian

Grainy Sourdough

1kg tin £5.55, 600g round £4.85

Made with 75% brown wheat flour (half way between wholemeal and white) from Mungoswells, and 25% Balcaskie Landrace wholemeal. The nubbly moist texture comes from addition of boiled Balcaskie Landrace wheat, and Evo Rye grains, both diverse crop mixtures grown in Fife for Scotland The Bread.

Country Sourdough or Caraway Country

700g long loaf, £5.10. 700g long loaf with Caraway, £5.20

This not-quite-white loaf is made with white flour from Mungoswells in East Lothian, blended with Balcaskie Landrace heritage wheat from Scotland the Bread for deeper flavour & nourishment. It also comes in a caraway version.

Award winning Balcaskie Sourdough


The Balcaskie Sourdough won Gold at the Scottish Bread Championship 2023, for a loaf excelling in nutritional quality.

Spelt or Seeded Spelt Sourdough

Plain 900g tin £5.50, plain 500g tin £4.80, Seeded 900g tin £6, Seeded 500g tin £5.

This lovely light loaf is made with brown Spelt flour (half way between wholemeal and white), from Mungoswells in East Lothian. A little Evo Rye flour from Scotland The Bread, and a touch of raisins (blended in) both round out the flavour to make a satisfying eat. The Seeded loaf has a lovely bite and boosts your omega oils, with a blend of organic hemp, linseed and pumpkin seeds.

Raisin & Walnut Balcaskie Sourdough

600g tin £5.75

The deep flavours of the Balcaskie sourdough with all the goodness of it's mineral-rich flour, with added raisins and soaked walnuts for a sweet and savoury hit are making this are popular loaf. Breakfast in one? Afternoon snack? You choose.


Apple & Rosemary, or Roast Squash & Olive

Made with a mix of Mungoswells White & Wholemeal (I love the wheatey flavour & that it fills me up) flours, with some Balcaskie Landrace Wheat and Evo Rye to raise it. Topped with home-grown apples or roasted squash and plenty of olive oil.